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Harris has been described as one of the most idyllic landscapes in the world. Few who have spent time exploring its many facets will deny that it is refreshing, relaxing and inspiring with much to offer the visitor. Fasgadh Studio is ideally located in the centre of Tarbert to allow visitors easy access to all parts of the island.

Walkers and cyclists will enjoy the changes in terrain from the east to the west and from the north to the south of Harris.

On the 'Golden Road', which winds through the East coast of the island, known as The Bays, small villages dot the route. The landscape here has often been described as lunar, made up largely of glistening rock with tiny lochs glinting in the sunlight. In the little inlets seals can be seen sunning themselves on the rocks and bird cries are the only sound. In contrast, busy fishing jetties give an interesting and colourful insight into what is still an important part of the island's economy.

It is here that much of the world famous Harris Tweed is woven and this can usually be purchased directly from the weaver. The natural colours and textures of the tweeds relate so directly to this landscape that dropping in to watch a weaver at the loom can be a rewarding part of your trip.

At the south of the Golden Road lies the village of Rodel with its beautiful and historic church, St Clements. This small chapel dates from about 1500, has some fine examples of stone carving and is the final resting place of Alexander, eighth chief of the Clan Macleod of Harris. The start of the Golden road is a 5 minute drive from Fasgadh Studio.

In contrast, the west side of Harris has open green land, which in the summer is delicately scattered with tiny wild flowers. This is the machair, a fragile habitat for many species of birds and wild flowers. The machair fringes mile upon mile of silvery white shell sand. The clear turquoise of the Atlantic rolling into sparkling white breakers completes a memorable set of views. Luskentyre beach is a 15 minute drive from Fasgadh studio and the string of smaller and larger stretches of sand dune and machair extends for some miles to the south of the island.

North Harris is mountainous, dramatic and well worth exploring. There are large herds of red deer in this part of the island and some excellent fishing. Walkers can enjoy the fantastic vista from the top of the Clisham, the highest peak in the Hebrides, the foot of which is a 15 minute drive from Fasgadh Studio. The village of Hushinish has a pretty bay and is a good place to beachcomb and pick up 'treasures' to take home with you!

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